Programs with the participation of international financial institutions

Programs of Vnesheconombank’s cooperation with international financial institutions provide for potential joint financing of investment projects implemented by Russian and foreign companies on the territory of the Russian Federation focusing on the parties’ top-priority lines of activity. Joint financing might be undertaken both in the form of lending and extending guarantees and making investments in capital depending on a specific program and the borrower’s needs taking into account the parties’ requirements, distinguishing features and limitations reflected in criteria for examining and evaluating projects.

An important aspect of implementing the said programs is that borrowers can be provided with an opportunity to receive technical assistance from the World Bank and other international financial institutions in preparing and implementing investment projects including bringing project documentation in line with potential investors’ requirements.

Project proposals are recommended to be sent to the Federal Project Finance Center (Vnesheconombank’s subsidiary) stating an interest in implementing a project under an appropriate program. In an annex to a request you are required to give a brief overview of a project’s financial, operational, marketing parameters, information on an initiator company and its owners as well as contact information.

For more information on programs with the participation of international financial institutions do not hesitate to contact us at the following phone numbers:

+7 (495) 721-9474 (Nikolai A. Zdorovitsky)