Investment Business

Vnesheconombank is engaged in investment business in order to encourage investment activity, diversify and make the Russian economy more competitive, in doing it, VEB is guided by Federal Law “On the Bank for Development” dated 17.05.2007 № 82-FZ and by the Memorandum on Vnesheconombank’s Financial Policy approved by the Russian Government’s Resolution dated 27.07.2007 № 1000-r. The Memorundum specifies:

    Vnesheconombank’s operating policies (point 4);
  • Vneshecnombank’s main lines of investment business for 2007—2010 (point 6);
  • Industry priorities of investment business for 2007—2010 (point 7);
  • Parameters of investment projects and financing amount (points 11, 12, 15).

Forms of the Bank’s Participation in Carrying out Investment Projects and Support for Industrial Exports:

  • credits;
  • guarantees and sureties;
  • participation in economic entities’ authorized capitals;
  • leasing transactions;
  • insurance of export credits;
  • financial and guarantee support for exports.

Documents to be submitted to the Bank within the framework of implementing investment projects to receive credits, guarantees, sureties of the Bank and secure the Bank’s participation in business entities’ charter capitals

* Project proposal is a written request by the Funds Recipient (the Project Initiator) to the Bank for providing financing (issue of guarantee, surety). It is comprised of Investment Application and attached documents.

Criteria for Selecting Investment Projects:

  • conformity with principles and main lines of Vnesheconombak’s investment business (points 4 and 6 of the Memorandum);
  • project payoff period is more than 5 years;
  • project total cost is more than 2 billion rubles;
  • Vnesheconombank’s minimum participation share is 1 billion rubles.