Educational Project “Training of Specialists-Participants in Investment Projects Implemented with the Assistance of Development Institutions”

The Educational Project is designed to:

  • significantly enhance professional development and expand a range of skills of personnel to undertake investment activity, above all, participants in implementing investment projects;
  • explain ideas of preparing and implementing investment projects to a target audience;
  • significantly improve the quality of requests for financing projects to be sent to development institutions;
  • improve socio-economic indicators of investment projects efficiency.

Vnesheconombank is the author of the Project’s concept and is responsible for providing expert support in the course of the Project’s implementation.

The educational Project’s target audience includes employees and executives of companies, government officials, administrative officers, independent experts whose professional activity involves planning, evaluation, analysis and monitoring of investment projects implemented, above all, with the assistance of development institutions as well as including representatives of:

  • federal, regional executive authorities and local governments;
  • public and private business entities operating in various sectors and their associations;
  • development institutions and the expert community.

Under the Project, training is provided in various formats, with each format focusing on a specific group of targeted audience depending on the level of specialists’ competence and the extent of their involvement in the investment process.

The content of a training course is comprised of several conceptual blocks:

  • The state’s investment policy. Development institutions’ role in pursuing it (the world’s experience, Russia’s practice).
  • Vnesheconombank’s activity specifics. Vnesheconombank’s investment projects.
  • Principles and criteria for selecting projects at Vnesheconombank.
  • Strategic management of investment projects.
  • Principles and methods used to determine performance indicators of investment projects. Specific features of Vnesheconombank’s methods.
  • Investment risks and methods to assess them.
  • Expert’s examination of investment projects. Vnesheconombank’s requirements for project documentation.
  • Strategic and operational management of investment projects.
  • Public private partnership.

Among speakers at training sessions are experts of leading research institutes, lecturers of the country’s leading universities, representatives of line federal ministries and departments, independent experts and employees of Vnesheconombank’s and other development institutions’ key (investment) structural subdivisions and expert practitioners.

Vnesheconombank is responsible for providing expert support as part of the whole training session. A training cost is set by a university directly involved in organizing a training session. An approximate cost of participating in a training session in a refresher course format is 25 000—30 000 rubles.

Upon completing a training course and in case of passing tests successfully and full attendance participants are to receive a certificate. The fact that executives and specialists of an organization that initiated an investment project have the certificate is regarded as a guarantee that the investment project will be monitored by competent and highly qualified personnel and is taken into account upon evaluating the project at Vnesheconombank.

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