Development Institutions’ Leadership Team Headed by Igor Shuvalov Evaluates High-Potential Projects in Yaroslavl Region

Representatives from VEB, SME Corporation, REC and DOM.RF made a field visit to the Yaroslavl Region. The principal goal of their meeting with the Yaroslavl Region Governor Dmitry Mironov and local entrepreneurs was to identify priority projects requiring concerted promotional efforts of the development institutions. VEB coordinates this work, which facilitates the search for efficient solutions in each specific case.

Along with discussing potential investment projects, the delegation visited R-Pharm’s innovative Pharmaceutical Complex for Production of Finished Dosage Forms in Yaroslavl, and an apartment house built using 3D construction printers of a Yaroslavl-based company, SPETSAVIA.

‘For all regions, the key growth drivers include development of state-of-the-art technology, quality changes in urban environment, and laying groundwork for comfortable living. It is a complex task, which requires involvement from the government represented by development institutions at various stages. Competencies of our colleagues at DOM.RF augmented with the tools offered by SME Corporation can boost the construction of such facilities and reduce red tape. And the Russian Export Centre can facilitate companies in entering new markets,’ said VEB Chairman Igor Shuvalov. ‘It is precisely this synergetic effect that we have in mind speaking of coordinating state development institutions’ efforts.’

On that front, VEB Group has already engaged in promoting the regional tourist infrastructure by financing the Golden Ring Resort Project. The project has been actively implemented since autumn 2016 benefiting from VEB and its companies’ support. The 30-hectare resort comprises 353 rooms of hotel facilities, 26 chalets, a spa and sports facilities. Azimut Hotels, a professional hotel operator, is the manager of the resort.

‘The Yaroslavl Region can already boast a number of major projects successfully delivered in partnership with VEB,’ said Dmitry Mironov, Governor of the Yaroslavl Region. ‘To illustrate, the Golden Ring tourist and recreation resort has already welcomed its first guests. Today, we have presented new innovative projects designed not only to promote the local industry but also present best practices in tourism, agribusiness and other sectors. Undoubtedly, today’s visit will open a new page in the relations between the Yaroslavl Region and VEB.

Summarizing the results of the meeting, VEB Chairman Igor Shuvalov and Governor Dmitry Mironov reaffirmed their commitment to further cooperation between VEB Group and the Yaroslavl Region in developing the local economy.